Where The Devil Waits

by Jay Alarcio

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A change in theme and ideas for the songs. Not really sure where my ideas came from. Songs about life, lies, love found/lost, death and afterlife.

A new guitar effects pedal and new Blue Snowball mic was used to record for better quality.


released July 4, 2010

Jay Alarcio - Everything with addition from below
Michael Hoang - Guitar
Chad Kipling - Harmonica



all rights reserved


Jay Alarcio Winnipeg

Thank you everyone for the support and listening to my music! I make music not for fame or money but to send a message whether it be love, love lost, social issues and whatever it is I am feeling. Enjoy the music and there is more to come!

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Track Name: A Day Closer To Death
I don't want tomorrow to come
There's no where to hide or run
It's just another little step
A day closer to Death

I look at the sky
And ask God why
Why I had to die
But I got no reply

Lord meet me halfway
When my soul rests that day
All these sins weighing me down
Angels help me If you're around
Track Name: So Many Women, So Little Time
Verse 1:
Surrounded by pretty ladies
When they see me they all crazy
They all try to catch my name
But to me they're all the same

So many women, So little time
But there's only one girl on my mind
All these girls try to be mine
There's only you that catches my eye

Verse 2:
I saw here standing there
With her long blond hair
She can care less
By the way I dress


She don't even notice me
Only other guys is all she sees
She knows she ain't simply free
They gotta pay the extra fee


Girl you know how long I've tried
To get a girl like you
Making me a fool
Track Name: Where The Devil Waits
Verse 1:
I've done terrible things
Committed many sins
Been in and out of jail
When I die it's straight to Hell

Where the Devil waits
Forever I'll Stay
Where the Devil waits
Forever disgraced

I am not a good man
From the start I've been damned
No place to go
Only one place I know


Always on the run
With a fully loaded gun
No matter how many times I ask forgiveness
No one seems to give me a listen

Track Name: Deception
Verse 1:
It's dangerous to play
With different flames
Gotta play it cool
Stick to this one rule
Before you learn
That You've been burned

It's a hard thing to do
It's what I've been doing to you

Verse 2:
When the moon shined bright
Went out for a drink that night
Met a beautiful girl
That caused quite a stir
She insisted I was him
That cheated on her best friend

Track Name: Shot Down
Verse 1:
Hey Little girl
What’s the matter with you
Don’t you like
the things I do
You’re wearing a frown
I’ve been shot down

Verse 2:
Hey little girl
I play a guitar
I even drive
a brand new car
Big man in town
I’ve been shot down

I thought he was having fun
Now see what you’ve done
Can’t show my face in town
Cause I’ve been shot down

Verse 3:
Hey little girl
I need you so
If you want my love
just let me know
Stop running around
I’ve been shot down