by Jay Alarcio

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    New Strings Album is here! Lots of songs about love, time, age, life, dreams, sleep and being a gentlemen!




released May 5, 2011

Jay Alarcio - Everything



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Jay Alarcio Winnipeg

Thank you everyone for the support and listening to my music! I make music not for fame or money but to send a message whether it be love, love lost, social issues and whatever it is I am feeling. Enjoy the music and there is more to come!

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Track Name: It's Love
It's what you want, it's what you need, It's Love
Nothing More, Nothing Less, It's Love

Verse 1:
Everything is beautiful when you're in love
Being with your love, you never feel lost


Verse 2:
No matter what they say, I can't keep you away
Even when we fight, everything will be alright


Oh... there's nothing like this feeling
When, you're near, everything is easy

Track Name: Chivalry
Verse 1:
They say chivalry is dead
No place for a gentlemen
Am I part of a dying breed?
That modern times doesn't need

Oh...Bring back the old customs
For girls to see
That women should be treated nicely

Verse 2:
What happened to ladies first?
Is being nice just a curse?
No matter how much I try
They all seem to be with a bad guy


Verse 3:
I should go back in time
When women wouldn't mind
To open doors for them
And love letters I have sent


Oh...Chivalry, Oh...Chivalry, Why did you die easily?
Track Name: Movie Scene
Verse 1:
There was a man
Who wanted to hold your hand
He was possessed
He couldn't confess

We all like to dream
That love is a movie scene
Where there is a beauty queen
Who meets a man in need

Verse 2:
He has heard of love
But never felt its touch
A girl he needs so much
Is always in a rush


He shouts and screams
Why does it have to be like this
He clenches his fists
Angry that she is his
He shouts and screams
Why does it have to be like this
Oh...Angry that she is his

Verse 3:
He tried to let you go
But he can't seem to do so
He tried to let you go
But it's not that easy no
He tried to let you go
But he can't seem to do so

Track Name: Lying and Cheating
Baby, why aren't you calling me
Maybe, you're out secretly

With some other guy, please don't lie
Tell me the truth, don't be so cruel

Crazy, crazy is what you called me
But Lady, oh lady, you can't avoid it

All of these lies, is make me cry
I don't understand, you let go of my hand

Pack up your things, Make sure it's clean
Go on and leave, You I don't need

Baby, can't you see these tears
Maybe, you want someone else near
Track Name: Falling Apart
Can you tell me when, It will end my dear
So I can prepare, when it comes near

Singing oh...oh...

I know we are falling apart
but it's too late to go back to the start

Singing oh...oh...oh...oh...
Track Name: Through The Lonely Nights
Verse 1:
My girl, can you stay awhile
Come back, till I see you smile

My love, stay by my side
You're all I need, Through the lonely nights

Verse 2:
It's been hard, But that's how love starts
Fire is shrinking, We still have the spark


Verse 3:
Darling, Don't you go
I need you, I need you so

Track Name: Back To Being Strangers
Verse 1:
You say will be friends, We know this is the end
Cupid's arrow missed, Our names on his list
Chasing after you, It's no use

No longer lovers, No longer friends
It's hard to recover
Cause we're back to being strangers again

I may not be the last, But just like the past
You'll date other guys, While I'm left behind

Verse 2:
Would you notice me, If you saw me on the street
Do you still think about us, Or do you have a new crush
You know it hurts, when I loved you first

Track Name: Goodbye Side A
I say goodbye, to you
I hate to lie, but I do

I know it's wrong, For doing it this long

I apologize, for what I did
I started to cry, when you said

I'm leaving tomorrow, Don't you dare follow
Track Name: Goodbye Side B
Verse 1:
The end is near, Its sights are clear
There's no stopping, What will happen

She said goodbye my darling

Verse 2:
No matter what I do, Nothing New
Same old thing, No longer king


Verse 3:
Things don't change, they remain the same
Search for a queen, but it's you I need

Track Name: Still Young
Verse 1:
Wake up with the morning sun
The streets are busy and the day begun
I need this world to slow down
Before I sink, before I drown

Soon these days will be gone
Live me my life till that time comes, I know I'm still young

Verse 2:
You lie there sleeping sweetly
I wonder how long you'll stay
Or if my bed will be empty
when you gone away


Verse 3:
Can anyone give me some help
It's my life on the line
One question I ask myself
Where will I be at 29?

Track Name: In Rewind
I've been stuck, In a rut
Can't take another step, To a poster that says
Get a life or be left behind
Always in rewind, try to bring back your time
Not reading the signs, always back of the line
Track Name: Shine On Through
Verse 1:
Searching for meaning, Looking for light x2
At the end of the tunnel, You know I'm gonna shine

Shine on through, through to you
When it's dark, we'll light a spark (Cause you'll shine too)

Verse 2:
It's such a drug through hard times x2
As soon as I am free, You know I'm gonna shine


Verse 3:
The future is near, what will you do x2
I'll keep on shining, till i get to you

Track Name: Till Eternity
Verse 1:
I'm looking at a goddess
With a stunning dress
She's so beautiful
Myself I can't control

Baby stay with me
Till Eternity

Verse 2:
She asks me are you ready
Hard to speak clearly
She smiles at me
When I say nothing

Baby stay with me
Till Eternity

Verse 3:
Let's just stay here
So I can have you near
I need your tenderness
To feel your soft lips

Baby stay with me
Till Eternity
Track Name: Spring
Verse 1:
Spring has come, change your clocks ahead
Women are out in the skirts again

Winter's over soon, The flowers will then bloom
I sing this song for you, A spring song

Verse 2:
The snow melts, and shows what's hidden
Puddles grow, splashing the living


Verse 3:
Lovers stroll, through open parks
Singles seek for another heart
Track Name: Keep Me
Please, Please, don't leave me,
I don't mean, to be mean, It just how it seems

I don't know what's right from wrong
Don't be mad for too long

If I could just tell you, on how I feel
It would be a lot easier to make a deal

I know it's tough, It can get rough
Just wait a little longer, I promise to be kinder
Track Name: Sleep
Verse 1:
Sweet dreams tonight, of blues skies and riding my bike
Nothing else matters, I've been so tired

Just let me be, I need to sleep

Verse 2:
Don't try to wake me up, It's still not enough
I don't want to leave, My warm bed sheets

Track Name: Keep Me (Reprise)
I made lots of mistakes, It's just a phase
In time, Everything will be alright

Believe in me, I'm worth keeping